Can't create automation for temperature sensor


I’m using temperature sesnor with HA which works great. I would like to created automation with push notification when temperature drops below 34°C. I can create condition but this doesn’t push the notification.

If I try to create trigger I don’t see temperature parameter like in condition.

I also created automation for Shelly power meter 3EM and Shelly switch 1L and works as expected, but I dont know how to set automation for temperature sensor.

Any help prelase.
Thanks in advance.

Firstly, you must have a trigger. That’s the fundamental of an automation. The condition(s) just define whether the automation should continue after the trigger has fired.

What is your Rubicson 92:02 device? Can you go into Developer Tools / States and post a screenshot like this, but for your device?

If you can find the temperature entity, you might be better off creating a Numeric state trigger like this:

Is this ok?

My problem is that in trigger I can not select temperature property for Rubicson temperature sensor. There is no properties.

But I can set temperature in condiation.

Also can set trigger for shelly devices and it works.


You have to use a numeric state trigger. You pick the temperature sensor and then set above, below or both. It looks basically identical to that device condition you’re using in the UI.

Not sure why the device type trigger doesn’t show something similar to the condition.

Can you submit an issue here? Looking at the code your sensor should show up in your second screenshot with above and below options. If it doesn’t that’s a bug.

Solved! Thanks for help.