Can't create backups


Can I get some help please when I attempt to create a backup I get the following error:-

An error occurred while making backup, check job ‘3e1e2dff6d284c31a14305aff2aa3be5’ or supervisor logs for details

Can someone please explain to me where I need to look for additional information to post here for further assistance?

I can’t see anything is supervisor logs…


Settings → System → Logs → Select Supervisor on the blue text in the upper right corner.
Make sure to load the full logs.

Also make sure no other backups is running.
It can’t be seen that a backup is in progress and it will fail with weird errors when that is the case.

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I now have a bin file how do I look at it as I can’t open it ATM.

bin file?`
It should just be a log file, but maybe your OS have renamed it.
Try to open it with a text editor.


After I selected supervisor I don’t get any option to download anything at the bottom, see below :point_down:t2:

Have you tried a reboot? I had some issues a few versions back where among other things backups were failing. Doing a proper reboot and giving it 10min got things working again. This is using ‘Reboot System’ option, not ‘Restart Home Assistant’.

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Thanks I will try this

The left icon in the top right corner should be a download function.

Yes it does, that’s is how I got a bin file.

Try to open it with a text editor.