Can't create TAG (bug)

I have HA’s latest version and today decides to test tags/

  • So I have created a tag (no issues)
  • Then I click on robot and select all conditions etc - everything is ok
    The issue is:
    When I click SAVE - I see a popup with RENAME options and to buttons: cancel or rename.
    As a result, I CAN’T save automation for the TAG

Does it save of you click on Rename?


You can try it, you don’t even need to make real automation.

Yep. Same for me.

Could you put this on GitHub as an issue?

No solution yet, have reported this issue…

I JUST started to play with this NFC tag stuff today and hit the exact same confusing situation. This is a poor design workflow apparently… I updated the GitHub ticket here. Others should do the same to get some traction to fix this properly.