Cant edit Configuration.yaml from browser


I am trying to edit the configuration.yaml, but I can not even see it.

In the past I have used HASS.IO on a raspberry and it had a nice configuration possibility via a browser.
This time I’m using a mini server that runs a VM with dietpi.
After the home assistant ist freshly installed - i see no option to change it to my needs.

I even cant see a Add-On Store or anything and feeling lost.

I hope you guys can help me out (because always editing via terminal is not a long term option).

Thanks a lot!

You didn’t install Hassio therefore you don’t have addon’s. The tool you were likely using was the configurator add-on.

You installed ontop of linux in a virtual environment.

If you want addons and Hassio features you need to install hassio.

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Thanks silvrr for your reply.

Is there a way to get the yaml editor into webinterface without hassio?
I remember that hassio also had its drawbacks (like problems on configuring snips with custom settings etc…).

Not that I am aware of.

Not sure if you are still interested in this but for future references: