Can't edit dashboard

I don’t know when this happened, but i suddenly can’t edit my frontend cards anymore. When going into “edit Dashboard” it doesn’t show the edit buttons, shown here:

Anyone have a clue what’s wrong or how i can find out?

its a bug.

That doesn’t work for me :worried: I guess i’ll downgrade till it’s fixed

Maybe try refreshing the webpage with Ctrl + F5.


nope doesnt work :frowning:

Did you try clearing your browser cache? some browsers (especially Chrome) cache aggressively.

I have not but i downgraded and it works fine again :sweat_smile: I’ll wait for 2021.7 bug fixes.

We talked about this in other topic… solution (until fixed) is to choose “edit” in first page, then go to another page, click “edit” there, go back to first page, click “edit” again and then buttons show, but only as long as you have browser open.

Clear browser cache doesn’t help, CTRL+F5 doesnt’ help, even revert to default settings (in chrome) doesn’t help.

i confirm, swith on another page ( always the same for me ) solve the problem.

possible idea : this specific tab as all default layout option

EDIT : no change with this morning update :frowning:

I have 2021 8.4 version and the bug persists. Cache is not the cause. Doesn’t work in incognito as well

Any update on that?

Yep. Latest version of hacs plugin “layout card” solves this problem.