Can't edit friendly name of yr symbol and sensor in UI

Ok, I have another dumb newb problem…

After installing Home Assistant I had 2 standard badges labeled yr_sensor (or just yr maybe?) showing Day/Night status, and yr_symbol showing current weather symbol. Out of curiosity, why “yr”?

Anyway, I decided to try changing the name of the day/night one to “Sun”. I clicked on it, selected the Settings icon, and entered name override Sun. Both badges changed to have the name Sun, which was not what I had intended. But now the Settings icon (the gear symbol) is gone from the entity panel for those two items. I can no longer access the name for either via the UI.

Under Customization, I tried changing the name of the entity and clicking Save. That worked temporarily - until the next boot. One reverted to Sun, the other to yr_symbol. Still no gear icon to allow changing the friendly name of either. My customize.yaml file is empty. I can change the entity name again, but weirdly the one labeled Sun changes only in the current browser UI window - if I connect from anther device, it still shows the badge labeled Sun, so the change obviously hasn’t made it into the database.

So I’m stuck now - I don’t know how to either customize these names so that they will stick, or revert to the original state where the settings were available in the UI. And I don’t know where these entity values are being stored.

There was a bug in 91.x that made the gear icon disappear. It has been fixed in 92.x. What version are you running?

I’m running 92.1 according to the About.

And now, a couple of days later, the friendly name “Weather” that appeared below the badge has spontaneously reverted to yr Symbol (no reboot). The Settings gear icons in the pop-up panels for yr Symbol and yr Sensor are permanently missing. The yr Sensor entity is “sun.sun”, which I think is coincidentally what it is actually called, unrelated to my attempt to give it the friendly name “Sun”. Any attempt to change the friendly name elsewhere in the UI succeeds temporarily, but only for the current web page UI instance, then reverts. When I change the friendly name (from the Customization Editor), I get a forever-spinning-circle after clicking Save, although the name does change in the UI.

Again, this all started when I simply clicked on the gear icon for yr Sensor and changed the friendly name to “Sun”. The badges and the entities behind them continue to work, but there are clearly some UI bugs here!