Can't enter spaces in Wifi password setting

My Wifi password has a space in it, except I can’t enter it in the configuration page. The validation seems to block it.

Having a space in your Wifi password is not standard or recommended by any means. While your Wifi AP/router may accept it, most devices will not be able to connect to it for this reason.

All of my devices have connected fine so far. Is there a workaround for this, where I can specify the password in a configuration file?

You might try putting it inside quotes. Not sure.
“Pass Word”

That’s not true. I use multiple spaces in my password and have never had a problem (except with my car infotainment system).

The following is for WPA1. New standards may allow for even more characters.

Each character in the pass-phrase must have an encoding in the range of 32 to 126 (decimal), inclusive. (IEEE Std. 802.11i-2004, Annex H.4.1) The space character is included in this range.

Interesting. I have rarely been able to make a password with spaces work. But, I have not used WPA1 in ages. It’s not really recommend either as it has been broken for quite some time now. Maybe it’s a WPA2/3 thing?

I use WPA3 transitional with spaces… the quote applies to WPA1. I am certain they haven’t removed the ability to use spaces in WPA2/3. Works fine for me with Windows, Linux, Android, iOS, ecobee, PlayStation, Xbox, Visio and LG TVs, a 10 year old smart thermostat, my washer, drier, and refrigerator, smart locks, crap Chinese devices, ESP32, etc

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Maybe if we knew what you are trying to connect to Wifi. This your Home Assistant system? For setup of HA, Wifi is fine, but for continued daily use, and especially as your system grows, Ethernet (with static IP) is the best way to go for 100% reliability.

I stand corrected. I was confusing it with the SSID which should not contain spaces. While you can, it will eventually be problematic. Thank’s for clearing up my confusion.

I also use spaces in my SSID without problems. At least as far back as 2012, the standard specifies that an SSID can contain any UTF8 character or the data type can be unspecified, meaning an SSID can contain any data, including spaces. Seems most devices support UTF8 for SSIDs and PSKs, though I wouldn’t recommend using emojis. :partying_face: