Can't exclude zwave switches (zwave js); hoping for guidance

Hello all,

Hope you all can help me get this corrected. I have 3-4 switches that are being troublesome in getting them remove from HA and am hoping you all can give me another way to do it. All of the switches work correctly and are showing active but when using “remove device”-- “start exclusion” and doing the applicable switch motions. They never exclude. (5-6 others excluded immediately)

I imagine I could turn the breaker off to them and use the “remove failed device” to get the job done but I really don’t want to do that just coming from a “the normal way should work perspective”. Can you all give me any other ways to get this done without doing the breaker idea?

Thank you all!!

try a heal network or move your ‘to be excluded devices’ closer to your controller. The exclusion traffic needs a few ACK commands for smooth execution. This mosly depends on proper reachability from the contoller to your device. (if swithces are fixed, sometimes it is an option to put usb controller in a laptop so you can get the 2 closer together)

@checking12 Thank you for the reply here. In my instance, 2 of the ones I am having issues with are about 3 feet from the controller and then the other 1-2 or 20 or so feet away.

Thank you for the idea of putting the usb controller in a laptop though. I never thought about doing that in some other instances when I’ve had a hard time including a device that was further away from the controllers “normal” living position. Great idea!!

In the end, I went nuclear and just flipped breakers as annoying as that was. Laziness can be a bad trait sometimes.

Thank you again @checking12 for the portable stick idea though!!