Can't find added ZHA device

I’ve installed Z-Stack router firmware on a CC2531 device and set it to pairing mode, then do “Add device” with ZHA. After a while it shows up in the dialog

But though i can give it a name and choose an area, nothing else happens. I would expect something like an “Add” button. When i just go back e.g. in map, i don’t find the device.

Once you type in the new name and/or select the area then it’s done. There is no more feedback that it was successful.

To find the device after you see the box above then go to the “settings → devices & services → Zigbee Home Automation” and the click on the “devices” link. It will show up in that list.

Ok, than i assume i do not did anything wrong, but even so it won’t show up in my devices list.

Maybe this is a part of the problem:

[0x8349](lumi.router): Device seen - marking the device available and resetting counter
[0x8349](lumi.router): Update device availability -  device available: True - new availability: True - changed: False

The router starts with fast flashing of the red LED. After a looong while the green LED is steady on and the red LED continues to blink fast. Whatever that means.

I need to find out how to identify this special router in the logs, because the other one also is called “lumi.router”.

I’ve never added a router to ZHA so it may not actually show up as a device. But I ouyld be surprised if it didn’t.

But from everything you’ve posted I don’t see anything wrong.

Maybe i’m totally wrong, but the first dedicated router i’ve added this way works like expected. I could add devices through him to the Zigbee network. In HA there is an extra device showing up in the list. It will also give some information about it:
See how it is classified as device type “router”. There is also a very handy option to use a light-control, which will turn on the green LED on the board if set. So you can easily identify the router.

The MAC-Address (IEEE) seems a good way to know what device is shown also. I looked at the MAC of my second router using the Flash programmer software. There is an option to read-back the MAC from the plugged in stick:

It is “00 12 4B 00 1C DD 38 66” in my case.

Now when i compare this to my list of devices i can find it:
But you see it is identified as device-type “Coordinator”, which is wrong! This maybe the reason why i can’t use it ass expected. A ZHA network ist only able to deal with 1 coordinator and anyway, it should be shown up as the other stick.

I checked the firmware i flashed onto the device, which i took from here

by download it from the stick again and compare it with the image. Both match, so there should be the right firmware on the stick.

But why is it thinking it is a coordinator?

Could it be that i attached the device in a state where it had the original firmware and was added/detected as a coordinator and saved internally that way? So that HA may not be aware that this device has changed it’s function? I also wonder how to remove devices from the list? Maybe there is some hidden yaml file?

Something has completely gone wrong… my coordinator shows the same MAC address as the new stick:

In my RPi4 hardware list, the Sonoff still shows up as available:

What happened here? Could it bee the new stick has taken over the role as a coordinator instead of my USB attached Sonoff device? Now i’m completly confused. Why is that stuff so complicated and error prone?

AAARGH! I think i know the cause of the problem… in first i used THAT CC2531 stick as a coordinator in my Rpi4 box. Then i’ve read about the limitations of this stick, regarding quality, number of attachable devices, zigbee standard, etc. and replaced it by the Sonoff Dongle-P.

For this is used the HA function “Migrate radio” and i guess that kept the old MAC of the CC2531 as new MAC for the Sonoff.

I now used the same function but choose “create new network” instead of “keep network” and so i end up with my coordinator having it’s own MAC back again:

And also i now see the other stick as router.