Can't find aqaru hub via Homekit controller after deleting it

Hi. I just deleted my homekit integration for my aqara hub. The integration initially was created because it was auto discovered and I got a notification about it. However, I added it too soon before I had given the child devices reasonable names. Now I want to add it again, but when I run the Homekit Controller wizard it does not find the aqara hub anymore, only my IKEA tradfri hub and some ip camera.

Help would be appreciated! :slight_smile:

(yes I just restarted the server, that didn’t help)

Bump. I’m still unable to find this device have been trying to find it everyday for a week now… any ideas?

+1 ! My aqara m1s hub and homeassistant docker container are in the same network , their ip are “192.168.1.x” , but the homekit controller not find the hub.