Can't find Deconz ConBee device

Hi All,
this is my first post and I am new to HA therefore… apologize if I say something wrong.

I am trying to get Deconz working with HA 0.90.2.
I was able to connect HA with Phoscon and in fact, under the integrations, I see the Phoscon gateway and a virtual daylight sensor, but I think the ConBee USB dongle is not really connected.
I see the device ttyAMA0 under /dev, but I see it even if the ConBee is not connected. I don’t see any additional device when I connect the dongle.

Anyone with same issue? May be the dongle broken?

Thanks a lot guys,


Quickest issue ever … restarting the Raspberry with ConBee USB dongle connected now I see the device as ttyUSB0.
I think issue can be closed here :slight_smile:

See you soon guys.