Can't find my automation?

Consider this section in my “automations.yaml” file:

- id: '1656887535833'
  alias: Aqara Magic Cube control
  description: ''
    path: hugalafutro/Z2M_Aqara_Magic_Cube.yaml
      cube_action: zigbee2mqtt/AqaraCube/action
      - service: switch.toggle
        data: {}
          entity_id: switch.officelight
      - service: switch.turn_off
        data: {}
          entity_id: switch.steve_desk_light
      - service: switch.turn_on
        data: {}
          entity_id: switch.steve_desk_light
      - delay: ''
      - delay: ''
      - delay: ''

Why can’t I find the automation in my UI? (Settings, Automations)?
I’ve tried in the search:
" Aqara Magic Cube control"

But I can’t find the automation?

Hi Stephen, this has happened to me too in the past and I felt as if in a twilight zone
I think restarting HA brought it back.

I’ve restarted several times while correcting suffix problems introduced with an update to ESPHome.

For unknown reasons, updating ESPHome often, and with no pattern, will add a suffix (_2, _3 etc) to my entities. This breaks many automations and NodeRed flows. So, I fix them one at a time and restart Home Assistant between the fixes.

But I still can’t find the Aqara Cube automation

Did you create the automation in YAML mode/in the .yaml file?

What I have done is to copy the yaml code in a txt file, delete the whole section for that automation in the .yaml file, restart HA (or at least the automations) and recreate the automation in the UI.
Also, be aware that if you have HA open in multiple tabs/windows, this can have strange behavior (at least, I have experienced that).
So, refreshing your browser/HA tab might be a good idea too. (before recreating the automation)

Thanks for the tips.

If I had made the automation in raw yaml, I wouldn’t have an ID:

- id: '1656887535833'

As I said, I have refreshed restarted and rebooted a few times. (I am almost finished fixing my ESPHome updates mess).

I hadn’t thought of deleting the section in automations.yaml, but that may be a solution. Particularly since there is a blueprint for the device.