Can't find OpenSSH in ADD-ON

I’m using HA 64bit and I can’t install Open SSH. Is there any mistake?

There are two SSH options avaialble.

The offical add-on

That one may have been named open ssh in the past but was changed awhile back to what you see now.

The community add-on

It’s worth mentioning that the official SSH addons are now considered ‘advanced’, so you will only see them if you set advanced mode in your profile.


Thanks! That was just the info I needed to figure out why DNSmasq wasn’t listed as an add-on any more (as I had it in my old HASSIO setup).

How can I switch to advanced mode? Thanks

I can’'t find Open SSH in the search bar.

Its no longer called open ssh as I noted above. Search for SSH and you will get the two options available.

I’ve searched many times but a I can’t find that add-on

Turn on Advanced mode.

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Click on your profile (bottom icon) and there is a switch for advanced mode.

Now, I can install Terminal & SSH add-on. Thank you very much.