Can't find Pushover in Node Red

I have set up pushover using the following integration from here…

…but when I open Node Red, the pushover api does not show in the nodes. I have also followed this Youtube video…

…but the pushover node does not show up in my list of nodes.

What am I missing?

you can just use the call service in node red and select notify.pushover or similar

I tried that, but there is no notify.pushover command that automatically populates when I type ‘notify’ in the Domain tab of the call service node.

go to the Dev Tools section in Home Assistant


then go to Services tab, this has all the services available to Home Assistant.


type notify.


look for your service

if its not there, the pushover integration seems to be not working… so maybe try checking the system logs for the problem

Thanks for the reply. I managed to find out how to install the pushover node, from within Node Red.

I went to the settings tab (the burger tab) next to the ‘Deploy’ button, then pressed ‘Manage Palette’, and selected the ‘Install’ tab and typed ‘pushover’. There were 3 ‘pushover’ options, so I installed all of them.

This wasn’t clear in the video tutorial, but glad I managed to find it…