Can't find rugged Zigbee outdoor plug

Looking for a plug for my terrace, I have a good mesh network running Zigbee, so needs to be Zigbee. There doesn’t seem to be much. The only one I could actually find that looked solid and made for the outdoors was here:

Enbrighten Zigbee Smart Light Switch Outdoor Plug

But it’s not available anywhere, looks like it is discontinued. Is there a reason there are so few, many more wifi.

I think Enbrighten is discontinuing several of their Zigbee products. They used to make an in-wall outlet I can’t find anywhere.

I was also looking for these as I have two of them. However, after purchasing them I noticed they still said “not for direct sunlight or rain exposure”. I’m comfortable with the one as is on my covered porch, but in the back deck I ended up putting it in a waterproof box anyways. So, once you’re doing that, I think most were just buying the cheaper indoor rated plugs and putting them in a waterproof box.

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I am using these Zigbee modules (up to 16A) built into some wall boxes. Fitting in perfectly and apart from working well with Z2M they also work as ZigBee Repeaters/Signal Extenders and are reading Power Consumption (KWH) into HA. Very handy and until now very reliable.

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