Can't find scene in Insteon Hub

I have a 2245-222 hub that has several scenes and schedules which were running before the Insteon servers went down. The schedules are still running but of course I can’t change them. I have changed the group #'s for a few of the scenes to effectively disable the Hub’s scheduler and have moved those new scenes to HA automation.

My issue is that I have a towel warmer that even as of today, automatically turns on/off from a schedule in the Hub, however I can’t actually find the controlling scene in the hub. The only two entries in the hub’s ALDB that contain the address of the towel warmer are the default 0,1 entries. Similarly, when I go into the ALDB of the towel warmer itself, I only see entries for 0,1 pointing to the Hub and another random entry as group 1 Responder for a device address that isn’t my hub, isn’t in my hub’s ALDB and isn’t for any device that I recognize. I swear I only have 1 hub (and no other PLM’s) in my house!

So while I may have an orphan link defined in my towel warmer device for some strange reason, I’m very confused as to how the hub is still running the towel warmer’s schedule when I can’t find a scene number for that schedule anywhere. Thoughts on how to figure this out? I ultimately want to “disable” the schedule like I’ve done with other devices and move the scheduling from the hub to HA.