Can't find snapshot file for restoring

Hi, I had to do a new installation because my sd-card had an error and the system could not start again.
So I want to restore my “old” version but after copying the snapshot file to the backup folder I can’t find the snapshot. Has anybody an idea about this issue?
Maybe it’s because I gave the file another name? But I don’t know the regular name.

BR Lars

The backup folder was on your old address card installation. You were supposed to copy it elsewhere before erasing the card.

After copying the snapshot file to the new SD card backup folder click the refresh icon in the hassio / snapshot page (top right).
The name shouldn’t matter as long as it has a .tar extension.

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I copied the file to a safe folder, placed it back now on the new card under backup and then refreshed the snapshot page… but no snapshot appeared.

waiting for hours… now it is there! I don’t know why it takes such a long time?

thanks for your help!

:smile: Thank you