Can't find the event Handler

Setting up AWS Lambda - Part 2
steps say…

6 Click the “Upload” button, and select the zip file we downloaded earlier (e.g. ).
7 In the “Handler” box, replace what is already there with “haaska.event_handler”.
8 Click “Save” at the top right of the page, and wait for it to load.

I’m not seeing where to alter the event handler in the AWS Lambda function can anyone assist?

It will be in the Lambda generation screen, in Basic Info:

You’ll need to click the Edit button and you’ll be able to edit the handler.

Thanks Bill! Much appreciated… one step closer :slight_smile: now I just gotta figure out this time out issue :frowning:

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LOL No worries. You posted that right as I was working on some lambdas for work.

For others that found this thread, the Handler is now under the section “Runtime settings”: