Can't find the pi 2 image anymore?

Running on a pi 2 for a few weeks. Somehow it won’t boot today, trying a reinstall however the installation guide no longer has a link to a pi 2 image. It was always there, with a comment of “not recommended”. Have the files moved?

You will likely need to build the image yourself, as the Pi2 is no longer officially supported. The Pi2 has just barely enough system resources to handle running Home Assistant, but will not perform well enough for a system that you want to use for any amount of time.

platform notes
Raspberry Pi Zero/Pi 2 Only use these for testing

You can still find the images on github - Scroll down and download the image of your choice:

I still use a small installation with ZHA on a 1B+ - It is somewhat slow, but running.

Thanks found it! Pi 2 still working fine so far, will look at a better device soon but great to test everything out.