Can't find the Wireguard QR code

I use home assistant os 2024.04.0. I have setup wireguard add-on but there is no folder in the files. I can’t find the qr code. The add-on logs look fine

peer: iNBbrpRFU5xGQoHX/asr75WL3BAG/xjp/zK1RyUAUys=
  allowed ips:
  persistent keepalive: every 25 seconds
[10:21:02] INFO: Requesting current status from WireGuard...
interface: wg0
  public key: lD6IqURVCZV96mk7p0o2M+IVp5MznbH36i+UToraSh8=
  private key: (hidden)
  listening port: 51820

I don’t mind setting it up manually, but it looks like I need a private key. I don’t know where to find it


I believe you need to find your way to the folder /ssl/wireguard/<peer name>/

where peer name is what you set in the configuration for the add on.

This folder should contain the .png image you need.

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thank you for your reply. I use fileeditor add-on. But there is no ssl directory in it

I don’t use FileEditor since I moved to Studio Code Server.

The ssl folder is at the same level as the config folder. To see it you will need to go to the folder above config. I’m not sure how you do this in FileEditor. The Samba Share add-on may be another way to get to the ssl folder.

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thanks, I was able to find the directory using Studio Code Server. :tada: