Can't find "Utility Meter" integration

According to the Utility Meter info page, this integration should be available from the integrations drop down list. I have a long list of integrations I can install, but the Utility Meter is not one of them. Is that because I’m running HAOS? I’m on version 2022.2.5.

It’s actually in the Add Helper menu. But if you search for it in the Add Integration menu it should show you that:

Yeah, that was what I was expecting. But I don’t have that. And I think I should have a Helper entry in the main settings page. But I don’t have that either. Is all this some developer setting which I need to switch on before it becomes visible?


Sorry I missed this:

You need to upgrade. The documents are written for the current version, 2022.4.7

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Awesome, thanks for spotting that. I’ll run the upgrade and see what gives.

Upgrading did the trick. Thanks so much!! :grinning: :+1: