Can't find where to enter third-party url to hassio Add-on store

Some time ago on the Hassio Add-on Store there was a card where I could enter url for custom addon:

Screenshot 2020-05-08 at 13.26.55

But now it is missing. I can’t find it anywhere on the page. I was trying to find it somewere in HA settings, but I can’t.

I think this is because of the new release, but not sure what version changed this. In the official docs it is written that it should be on the addon store page bu I can’t find it there.

I’m using Home Assistant 0.109.0 and Supervisor 221

Here is what I see:

I too also do not have that card to add a repository. I recently added ESPHome, so I recall it being there.

Is it possible that we would need to upgrade?

It is a bug in supervisor 221. Just go to the add-on store, and in the upper left corner the cursor should change to a hand. Click there.



Thank you for the answer, without your help I never find it.

Although the aforementioned bug has been fixed, it may still not be obvious how to do this. Using Supervisor version 2021.03.6, it is found here:

Home Assistant → Supervisor → Add-on Store → (3 dots menu in upper-right) → Repositories