Can't find Yeelight ceiling lights on HA

I have Yeelight ceiling lights - 450.
I can’t find them when integrating to Yeelight’s app on HA.
found out that I should enable them on LAN control on Yeelight’s app, but turns out they are not even showing there.
Other than that they are working just fine when controlling them with Yeelight’s app.
Any workaround might help?

Try reading this-

If it is not detected by auto discovery, you can try setting it up manually. Also, please check if your device is listed on the supported model.

The device isn’t listed in the supported models. Is that the time to give up?
Unbelievable there is no workaround. Even Alexa recognizes them

You can try using the search option in the forum to find if others have your specific model - and find out if others have successfully integrate it to HA or not.

Have you try the manual integration? By writing it in configuration.yaml as written in the documentation?

2021.9 uses a new discovery method that should be able to find a lot more of the Yeelight devices

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