Can't find Yeelight integration


I’m new to HA so I’m probably just looking in the wrong place but I can’t find any Yeelight integration. I see other users have referred to it in their posts, so presumably there is one?

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Thanks. I didn’t realise that some integrations have to be setup manually and aren’t listed in the GUI.

The majority are not in the GUI.

Discovery should pick up the bulbs if they are on your LAN.

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So I’ve got all four Yeelight bulbs working in HA now and I can turn them on and off from the Overview page.

I’ve also got my Hue hub and my Hue dimmer switch identified in HA (the switch is shown as an entity under the Hue hub).

I can’t work out how to link the Hue dimmer switch to one of my Yeelight bulbs though. The bulbs are listed on the entities page and when I click on one of them it says “This entity does not have a unique ID, therefore its settings cannot be managed from the UI” if that matters.

Sorry to chip in but maybe better than re opening a new thread.
I have many Yeelight lamps and bulbs but none of them are discovered. I tried the manual mode as well but no luck they won’t appear.
Any extra step to do that the doc doesn’t mention? LAN mode is activated and they are working in HomeBridge (Yeelighter).

If they are connected to another system they may not be able to connect to HA at the same time. Not sure about this but something to try.

Did you have any luck connecting your Yeelights? I have 4 1S bulbs that HA refuses to find also