Can't get Alexa to play local mp3 file via media_player.play_media


I’m running 0.94.2

I’m trying to see if I can get my Amazon Echo Dot/Alexa to play a locally stored mp3 file.
A few other forums discussed the same topic but I’m not having much luck. Appreciate any help I can get.

I have TTS working
Service: media_player.alexa_tts

"entity_id": "media_player.my_echo_dot", 
"message": "Hello"

Sequences works
Services: media_player.play_media

      "entity_id": "media_player.my_echo_dot", 
      "media_content_id": "Alexa.Joke.Play",
      "media_content_type": "sequence"

However, when I run the following under Services, nothing happens:
Services: media_player.play_media

"entity_id" : "media_player.my_echo_dot",   
"media_content_id": "http://hassio.local:8123/local/audio/bell.mp3",
"media_content_type": "music"

I can reach bell.mp3 when I go to my browser with http://hassio.local:8123/local/audio/bell.mp3
It’s in my /config/www/audio folder
Changing media_content_type to “audio/mp3” also doesn’t work (saw that on a forum somewhere)

Any ideas?

Thank you!

try replacing hassio.local with the actual local IP address xx.xx.xx.xx:8123

That does not work either unfortunately.

Unless something has changed recently you can’t do what you want.

Amazon doesn’t (didn’t…) allow local files to be played on the echo. It has to be an Amazon approved source. I think they even did away with the ability for users to store their own music on Amazon music and play the files from there.

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I had a feeling it was something like this. I’m trying to make Alexa play a sound/make a noise whenever my door opens (like a piezo buzzer). Best thing I can do now is use TTS to say “bippbippbipp” :slight_smile:

There are a few “noise/sounds” playlists on Amazon music you could look into. I think some are available on the free tier.

I use a service called MYMEDIA. This allows you to play any music files from your library with your alexa devices. the cust is 5.00 dollars a year. Here is a you tube video about the service

Here is there website

Am not sure if this will help you but it works great for playing my music library

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Could you share some code samples so we can see how it’s done?