Can't get Avatto universal IR remote to show in Tuya integration

Hello everyone,
I just bought an Avatto 360° IR emitter so as to control different things in my living room.
It works very well from the Smart Life app on my phone, but I am struggling to get it to show in Home Assistant. The only things Home Assistant displays from Smart Life are the three light bulbs I have, but the IR emitter is nowhere to be found (at least I haven’t found a way to get it to show up yet).

This is the IR emitter I have bought :

Could you please help me? I’d love to get this working.

Thank you in advance

The tuya integration does not support ir blasters. You can probably use tuya-convert to flash tasmota on it.

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Hi Francisp,
Thank you for your reply. I was reading your conversation on this matter here : Tuya smart ir
I must say I’d rather keep things simple and avoid flashing a new firmware to my IR blaster. What’s more, I have no idea how I would be able to “teach” it how to command my HiFi setup, AC unit, TV etc. without the Smart Life app.

Isn’t there any way to get everything to work without going through the flashing process?
Also, would this device be more / less / just as secure as it is now after flashing the tasmota firmware?

After flashing tasmota, it is more secure, as it does not use the cloud anymore, but is totally local.

In fact currently is more insecure as it is going through the cloud which you have no control over! Switch to Tasmota / ESPHome so that it is local within your network

Alright I get it :slight_smile:
However, after switching to Tasmota or ESPHome, will I still be able to “teach” it how to command devices based on what the device’s original remote control sends through its IR emitter?

You open the tasmota console, point your original IR emittor to the IR blaster, and hit a button. The sequence received will show in the console. Cut and paste for use in HA.

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Hi, unfortunately, the tool you used seems not to work on my device. the Smarthack-psl.log file reads Could not establish sslpsk socket : (SSL : DECRYPTION_FAILED_OR_BAD_RECORD_MAC)

Doesn’t this mean my device cannot be flashed using this tool?

Yes, it probably has the latest Tuya firmware. Work is being done :

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