Can't get badges into cards

A really simple issue that continues to drive me crazy after over a year working with HA:

It’s my understanding that if an entity is referenced in a group, it won’t be displayed as a badge. However, I just installed a Nortek HUSBZB stick and (finally) migrated a Schlage lock to it from Smartthings. In spite of creating a group and carefully adding all the Schlage-related entities to this group, the entities are still appearing on the overview display as badges. And if the group has the “view: yes” option enabled, they appear as badges in the tab and not in a card.

Any idea on what I’m missing or doing wrong?

Thanks// Chris

I think I may have (at least partially) answered my own question:

It appears that if I gather the entities together into a non-viewable group and then reference that group as the entity in a viewable group, the entities are shown in cards and not as standalone badges.

That works, or you can switch to Lovelace now, where you have total control over what appears.