Can't get custom lovelace card to load in dashboard. "Custom element doesn’t exist: button-card."

I’m trying to use Installed it via HACS.
The card’s .js file is installed in /config/www/community/button-card/button-card.js.

The button-card.js is accessible on my local network by these two addresses:

The main lovelace view in my configuration is managed by HA, i.e. when new entities get added I see them there right away. I haven’t done any lovelace modifications via GUI. I also have another lovelace dashboard defined for the iPhone app. The dashboard itself loads fine and displays other cards but not the button-card.


    - url: /local/button-card/button-card.js
      type: module
  mode: storage
      mode: yaml
      title: iPhone Dashboard
      icon: mdi:script
      show_in_sidebar: true
      filename: lovelace-iphone.yaml


title: "iPhone dashoard"
  - url: /local/button-card/button-card.js
    type: module
  - path: my_iphone
    title: Home
    badges: []
      - type: custom:button-card
        entity: ...
        name: ...

When looking for a solution I discovered that the “resources” have been defined in various places with different configurations - one was defined in configuration.yaml under lovelace, the second was defined where the lovelace dashboard is defined and another one was defined via the lovelace GUI settings in the Resources tab. I have done all of these (tried them one-by-one as well) but the dashboard still says the button-card doesn’t exist.

I’m getting the following error on the dashboard:

What am I missing here?

As it is always with these things - when you finally go to get help things magically fix itself and start functioning. I didn’t change anything after I wrote the post. Simply went back one more time and opened the iPhone dashboard and the button-card was loaded. :man_shrugging:

Still question remains where is the correct place to define the:

  - url: /local/button-card/button-card.js
    type: module

Is it the dashboard’s file, in configuration.yaml under lovelace integration or in the GUI settings under “Resources”?