Cant get esphome to load, defaults to nothing

i see it try to load, but nothing shows up to add a device…

i followed this guide, Getting Started with ESPHome and Home Assistant — ESPHome

i dont have any esp.yaml files created… per the guide it didnt mention one? can someone help please!!!

id like to be able to load a esp32 device from here to try their version of esppresence

Go to Configuration → Addons, Backup & Supervisor, then to the ESPHome addon page.

Is it started?

i think so!

Yes, that’s started. Does clicking on the OPEN WEB UI link take you to the same blank page?

yes! Appreciate the response, but just to make sure i dont need any sort of esphome.yaml file right? according to the documentation its not listed as a requirement…

It may be a bug that prevents the page loading if there are no device config files. Try adding this to a new file called config/esphome/test.yaml

  name: test
  platform: ESP8266
  board: d1_mini

  ssid: your_ssid_here
  password: your_wifi_password_here




See if having that file in your esphome folder helps.

thanks, i created the file and restarted ha, now im getting this in the logs!

Go to your Supervisor addon store repositories and delete the duplicate repositories for ESPHome, leaving only one.

uninstalled both, restarted and reinstalled one of them, no go

What version of home assistant and supervisor are you on?

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Home Assistant 2022.4.6

How do you tell which supervised version, thi?

Home Assistant Supervisor


Host Operating System Ubuntu 20.04 LTS
Update Channel stable
Supervisor Version supervisor-2022.04.0
Docker Version 20.10.1
Disk Total 28.9 GB
Disk Used 17.2 GB
Healthy true
Supported Unsupported – more info
Supervisor API ok
Version API ok
Installed Add-ons Mosquitto broker (6.0.1), Studio Code Server (5.0.0), ESPHome (2022.4.0)

You appear to be running an unsupported supervised install. Only Debian is supported. Not Ubuntu.

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damn, can i migrat this over?

Yes you can copy a full backup off the system and load it into the new system.

thanks, i installed home-assistant on debian, but the page doesnt go past the initial landing page, its been about three hrs now

how can iincrease /dev/sr0?