Cant get floorplan working

Hello everyone,

I am trying to setup a floorplan.
Currently I only see

entity not availible: binary_sensor.floorplan

on my UI.

I can see the entity:

group.zones 	unknown 	entity_id: binary_sensor.floorplan
                                order: 0
                                friendly_name: Zones

my configuration.yaml looks like this (with a bit more):

  customize: !include customize.yaml
frontend: !include frontend.yaml
panel_custom: !include panel_custom.yaml
binary_sensor: !include binary_sensors.yaml


  custom_ui_state_card: state-card-floorplan
  config: !include floorplan.yaml


  - /local/custom_ui/state-card-floorplan.html


- name: floorplan
  sidebar_title: Floorplan
  sidebar_icon: mdi:home
  url_path: floorplan
  config: !include floorplan.yaml


- platform: mqtt
  state_topic: dummy/floorplan/sensor
  name: Floorplan

Can you guess what I am missing?

Are you purposefully trying to setup the old version of floorplan?

Do you have custom_ui installed?

well… No I am not :smiley:

What is the new version of floorplan?

And I think I have not installed custom_ui.
What is it and how? :smiley:

I just try to make things work.

At least the old floorplan works somehow now. (had no mqtt broker installed).
I can turn switches on and off, but I have no idea how to start scripts like “script.vacuum_bedroom”.

So every help and guides are really welcome :slight_smile:

My goal is a map where I can click rooms to let my roborock vacuum them.
Best would be to have something like a queu where the robot cleans the rooms one after another in the sequence I clicked them.

No need for anything extra.