Can't get generic thermostat to work at all

So i’m pretty new to this so i really have a beginner skill for understanding YAML. So here it goes.

So I have a Leviton WiFi switch that controls a relay that operates a baseboard heater in a breezeway. The temperature sensor i have is a Shelly WiFi. I watched a few youtube videos on how to type in the “code” in YAML.

this is what i typed in

Then i go and restart the core wait for it to restart it

Then i go to the overview and try to add a card, type in thermostat, and the drop down under entity doesn’t have anything available to pick from.

There’s a typo in initail_hvac_mode. It should be initial_hvac_mode.

Why have you not defined the climate entity in configuration.yaml?

Home Assistant won’t load the contents of /config/climate/generic_thermostat.yaml unless you have instructed it to do that (by using an !include directive in configuration.yaml). I suspect you haven’t done that so the entity you have defined is effectively invisible to Home Assistant (and explains why you can’t find it as a choice in the Thermostat card).

Thanks for the typo catch.

Regarding the climate entity, I didn’t know that was a thing actually. The video i watched didn’t even talk about that. Would you be able to point me in the direction on how to do that? Also if it is something i need to do with Github; I don’t know how to integrate that with Home Assistant. Thanks for the help so far

  1. Copy what you have in that file and paste it into configuration.yaml.
  2. Execute Configuration > Server Controls > Check Configuration and ensure it reports that no errors were found. Fix any errors before proceeding to the next step.
  3. Restart Home Assistant.

Thank you so much!! worked like a charm!

You’re welcome!

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