Can't get Groups.yaml to work

Hi all,

I’ve set up last week and am playing with it. It works really nice and automations are working perfect!

But now I want to customize the Home screen and add some tabs and make groups… and there I go wrong (I guess).

I’ve followed the tutorials from Youtube and read the posts, but I can’t get it to work.

I use the latest version of and use a separate groups.yaml file.

In that file I’ve put the following lines:

  Name: "Media"
   - media_player.denon_avrx2000
   - media_player.woonkamer

Can someone please point me in the right direction?

Kind regards,


Grouping Media Players is not realy working like for other entities.
Have a look here: Flatten media player(s) into a group card

  view: yes
  - media_player.denon_avrx2000
  - media_player.woonkamer

Try this version, the name is derived from the first line, no need to specify it again.

And the view option, use ‘yes’ to give it its own tab. Use ‘no’ if its to be part of another group.

For example, here’s how mine looks:

Media Players:
  view: yes
  - group.rotary
  - group.amp_kodi
  - group.hifi_pi

Amp Kodi:
  view: no
  - media_player.amp_kodi

Ok, now it works!

To be honest… I don’t see any real difference between my first attemp and your example Bit-River?

Did I go wrong with Name: “Media”?

Yeah, I’d say that’s what it didn’t like the most.

Really thank you for your quick reply!

I’ve got it working, so this is a nice beginning to make it more personal.

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The other difference is your use of Upper Case Words, vs. lower case. Notice in all the examples in documentation, that keywords are in lower case exclusively. If that’s one of the changes you made, that may have been what caused it not to work.