Can't get HA to use automations.yaml

This happened after trying to add support for my robot vacuum. But no matter what I do, I can’t get HA to use the automations.yaml.

There’s the standard
automation: !include automations.yaml
entry in the config file, but there’s also a remnant from the robovac config I was playing around with that I have been able to reduce to just:

if I remove that automation: line from the configuration.yaml file, the check configuration will just hang and I can’t even restart home assistant.
And with that line in the config file, all my actual automation that are stored in the automations.yaml file do not show up in the automations list.

Any ideas?


automation: !include ../automations.yaml

I’m not sure if this will fix it, but this is what I have.

No, I get a configuration invalid error with this message when I do that:
Error loading /config/configuration.yaml: in "/config/configuration.yaml", line 238, column 14: Unable to read file /config/../automations.yaml.

It should be

automation: !include automations.yaml

I suspect you have made an error in your automations.yaml. go to a backup.