Cant get HAOS to write to disk

Im doing a fresh install onto a HP T620 using the Generic x64 install. I accidently installed ubuntu instead of running off the USB. I cant figure out how to get rid of it and go back no OS. I can get to HA running off the USB if I change the DNS to, and use ‘login’ when it threatens to go to the emergency console. It seems not to be installing HAOS over Ubuntu and onto the SSD, but it is running off the USB. Bc it freaks out when I unplug the USB. And of course when i try again, ihave to reset the DNS.

Please be kind. Im not completely incompetent but all of this is def a first for me. Ive looked at forums on Reddit and HA, but i cant find a similar situation to mine. Im sure im missing a prime key here, but i dont have enough knowledge to know where to go from here. Thanks in advance!

If you get stuck, maybe you could pull out the SSD, put it in a portable drive enclosure, and flash it like you would a microsd.

That’s what I did with my laptop to get HA OS on there.

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Thank you for responding. It got me thinking of it another way, and it worked. Ran Ubuntu off the usb. Downloaded balena etcher and selected the ssd drive to burn to it. Duh. A little finagling as i had to modify the DNS (Local DNS! - #7 by DavidFW1960) but im good now. Thanks again!

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