Cant get iframe externally but will work internal for octoprint

I’m getting no where fast after searching as i seem to keep getting conflicting info :frowning:

i have octoprint running on a separate PI4 and i have embedded the web front end into an iframe and this shows fine internally when i’m on the network. when i go external and try to access it i just get a blank page.

I’ve read different reports about iframes some people saying you can only access if ports are open, other saying use nginx and reverse proxy it. i’m running Nabu Casa and cant really find much info about combining them both. others sites have said that some pages cant show as not https which my octoprint isn’t and not externally facing.

So would any body like to point me in the right direction please :frowning: i know there is a plugin for octoprint but it doesn’t show as much info as the web page and I’ve found the webcam stream very very slow

I would also be interested in this.

Did you ever figure this out?

How did you configure the iFrame? I am getting a refused to connect error with either an iFrame or a webpage card.

@ins4neuk How did you get it to work internally?
I am getting a blank page internally also, I have octoprint to skip login if hitting internally and configured it like this.

    title: 'OctoPrint'
    icon: mdi:printer-3d
    url: ''

Also enabled embedding: