Can't Get Light On/Off

Hi all, HADashboard is a brilliant idea to let my family members use Home Assistant with complete ease.

I have managed to make HADashboard work together with HASS on my RPi3. My Yeelight (dimmable light) works like a charm using hadimmer widget. However, I have another light connected to HASS via MQTT, with only on/off capability. It also works with hadimmer widget but I don’t want the +/- sign as they are useless obviously. So, I tried haswitch widget and it didn’t work.

So, my question is how to make a simple light with only on/off capability work. What widget and what settings should I use?

My apology if it’s a dumb question. I couldn’t find any answers or examples in the past few days.

Thanks in advance.

first i want to point out that i think you are using the old HAdashboard.
there is a new and better version (V2) in beta at this moment.

but for now for your question i need to know what entity you are talking about.
if it is a light.something it wont work with switch.
if you want that you may want to create a templateswitch in HA or an input boolean that takes over the value from your light.

Thanks for your reply. Yes, you are right. I am trying the old release.

The entity I am using is light. Is there a generic widget for a simple on/off light? Or else I will try the Boolean input template as you suggested.

Great thanks again.

no in the old dashboard there is no widget for light without dimming.
in the new there is.

Got it. Will try HADashboardv2 beta then.

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which is the light on/off widget?

light? or if you better like that switch.