Can't Get Lovelace Custom Cards To Work

That all sounds right but without knowing exactly what might be the issue it might just be easier to install HACS and install the cards thru that.


You use _(underscore) in your filename content_card_example.js and -(minus sign) in your config content-card-example.
This might be the Problem. What is in your ui-lovelace.yaml file?

I can’t get custom cards to work for the iCloud3 integration. I’ve got the following as a Manual Card:

entity: sensor.icloud3_event_log
icon: ‘mdi:information-outline’
type: ‘custom: icloud3-event-log-card’

And the following in my Raw Config:

  • type: js
    url: /local/custom_cards/icloud3/icloud3-event-log-card.js?v=1.000

And I’ve verified that in my www/custom_cards there is an icloud3 directory with the icloud3-event-log-card.js in it. But I still get “Custom element doesn’t exist: icloud3-event-log-card” error in the UI.

What else am I overlooking? Thank in advance for any help.