Can't get NWI to work with Zooz battery-powered sensors

I have a hub with the HUSBZB-1 zwave controller with the original zwave firmware version 4.32. I use Zwavejs2Mqtt as my zwave integration in Home Assistant.

I bought a bunch of Zooz ZSE41 and ZSE43 door/window and tilt sensors. They include slowly, but usually successfully including S2, when near the hub, but I can’t include them on location via network-wide inclusion (NWI), even if there is an included repeater in the same room. Nor can I heal their network after they are included, even if I push the button on the sensor 4 times to wake it.

Has anybody successfully gotten these sensors, or any battery-powered sensors, to successfully include via NWI in a remote location?


Having the same issues as you. Did you ever get this resolved?
I am also using the HUSBZB-1, but have the Z-Wave JS Add-On.

I had a recent similar experience with an Aeotec battery powered sensor. In discussion with their tech support, they said that NWI was supported, but in reality, you sometimes have to do the inclusion directly near the ZStick and then move the device to its remote location. This is what I did, plus after moving it I did a “heal network” a few times. For me, there was nothing I could find to indicate whether the heal worked or not. In the network graph it shows as disconnected. Nevertheless in my case the device communications seems to work just fine.