Cant get SSL externally working (Duckdns, Ngnix)

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i need some support in getting SSL externally working. Trying to summarise my setup first and then the problem. (sorry for the links, but new users are restricted to 2 links…)

  1. Hardware: INTEL NUC
  2. OS: Ubuntu Server, 20.04.1 LTS.
  3. HA: Home Assistent supervised (installed with this instructions Installing Home Assistant Supervised on Ubuntu 18.04.4 ) -> everything is up and running
  4. Add ons: DuckDNS & NGNIX, both started without errors. SSL certificates are available. DNS is registered.
  5. Firewall: Port forward rule from external 443 to my local NUC ip

-> I can access inside my network http with local ip and port 8123
-> I can access inside my network -> Certificate is shown and valid.

-> i can not access from outside https and duckdns address and (also IP does not work)
-> if i change the firewall rule to port 8123 i can access from external my home assistant instance, but then without ssl

What am i missing in getting it working from external? Happy for any input :slight_smile:


Figured it out, my internet provider’s router (SAGEMCOM - FAST3686 with local custom firmware) is not able to forward 443 (also not if my HA is in the DMZ). this port always goes to the remote management side, even if remote management is disabled -> i changed the port to some random one and it is working now with SSL.