Can't get Z-Wave JS UI working

I’m running Home Assistant on virtual box on an Intel NUC. I’ve been wanting to try out Z-Wave JS UI as opposed to Z-Wave JS for the added features and network maps…

I uninstalled the JS addon and installed the JS UI addon. I’m using a Zooz 500 series stick. I’m having two issues. This pops up in the Z-Wave JS UI control panel.

I think this has to do with it not reading the usb stick?

The other issue I’m having is when I start the integration and point it to web socket and it fails to connect.

So far I’ve reset the stick. Restarted. Nothing seems to work. Any ideas would be much appreciated!

Contoller isn’t connecting

Failed to connect is because no controller means zwavejs wont start

Are you sure controller is accessible and that the other addon isnt still taking control of it

i uninstalled the other addon. is there anything else i need to do to make sure this doesn’t happen?


Verify the zwave dongle is added as a device in the vm. You must enable vm to use the device.

it is. i was using this same dongle before with zwave js addon. now i’m simply trying to use it with the zwave js UI addon

Try ws://a0d7b954-zwavejs2mqtt:3000/

Also verify setup with docs


I’m having the exact same set of issues with my Aeotec z-stick gen5 and HAOS running on my pi

Are you running MQTT? If so, so can put the zwave js ui anywhere. I run HA in a docker, but zwave js ui and mqtt on the host. Works perfectly. Its only 1 binary in my case, so very easy to manage and no need for a vm.

oh, now this is very interesting, how do i run the zwave js ui in the host? can i run it right in windows? that would be the easiest, just to run it on that host machine. or would synology work as well?

Yes. Docker is easiest.
Yes. Windows works. Websocket or MQTT can be used.

How do you install ui on windows and run it? I’ve downloaded the zip file, and unzipped, but have no idea after that. Is there an npm file that needs to run. Totally lost, would appreciate succinct instructions to get it going. Should be good after that.