Can't install HACS "Connection Refused"

I installed the SSh terminal then tried to run the wget on the website “wget -O - | bash -”, but it runs into an error.
wget -O - | bash - Connecting to ( Connecting to ( wget: can't connect to remote host ( Connection Refused.
Not sure what’s up, but the address is suspicious.

Can anyone help?

Did you ever get this figured out?
I have the same issue.

@Azereal @douglasshepherd Did you figure out what is the problem? I also get the same issue.
Do you have any workaround solutions? Thanks.

@anhxtuan Sorry for the late reply. I did remedy the issue a while ago.

If memory serves, I was running pihole and had a regex block on domains ending in .xyz. I am not 100% if this was the issue, but looking a the issue I was having, this looks like the obvious problem from where I sit now.

Hope that helps!

It is indeed a Pihole issue, disabled it for 10 seconds an it worked