Can't install

Sos guys. Today, after the power outage, HA stopped working. I decided to reinstall it and then restore it from the backup.
But at the stage of installing, there was a problem.
Using the key
curl -Lo
bash --machine raspberrypi4

I am getting the following error
Failed to connect to port 443: No route to host

Save what to do now, I just do not know.

This is incorrect. Should look like this at the end.

bash -s -- -m raspberrypi4

unfortunately it didn’t help.
The error message is already issued immediately after the first part of the key
curl -Lo

I’m not I understand what you mean, “first part of the key”. It’s one line, not multiple.

I would suggest you follow this guide and start fresh again. Also keep in mind that the term was deprecated over 6 mths ago.

I found a solution, not the one you suggested, but it doesn’t matter. For that, thanks to you, I saw a great reason to upgrade to Debian 10