Can't install latest version on Docker Container station Qnap


Currently I am using HA version: core-2021.7.1 on docker in QNAP Container Station.
Normally I can update the container by shutting it down and after that create a new one in the Docker Hub Image and search for Homeassistant.

I tried to update the system yesterday but the newest version I can find of Home Assistant in the Docker Hub is:

I guess I do noting wrong but maybe some one have the solution in here.

Many thanks for the help!


I have the same problem, the new versions and “stable” are not in the list.
I can only install “latest” which is what I believe is the current beta version or 0.119

it seems like the version list is longer than what QNAP shows

dum question

you should be able to install with in home assistant

latest should point to 2021.8.6

I’m not aware of this option.
I’m always doing the instructions in the “installation” page:

remove container and reinstall

do you know of a manual way to put the docker pull command in a QNAP container station?

I could only install the “latest” version.

latest is 2021.8.6. Isn’t that what you want?

I have just realised I was typing 2018 where I meant 2021. Corrected my posts. Sorry bout that.

Yes I will do the same, but if you have to make a new container then you should install the Docker Image and than I can’t choose the right one.

Yes in the image it will show up as latest but if I selected the option than it not update Home Assistant

I have found the solution:

In Container Station on the QNAP device there is a menu at the left. Under ‘‘Resource’’ you can find ‘‘image’’ in the menu.

  1. Click on Image
  2. Click on pull (top right of the screen)
  3. Leave register on Docker Hub
  4. Name image should be: homeassistant/home-assistant
  5. Installation Copy Version: 2021.8
  6. Select Pull

After that the image is downloading and after complete the download you should see the image at the top of the list, at the right of the list you should see a ‘’ + ‘’ Select the + and click ‘‘create container’’. After that the steps for creating the container are the same and you have the newest version!

I can’t configure any options when pressing “create container” and nothing happens when I push “create”. This seemed like a good workaround but unfortunately I fall short at the last step of the process.
Any thoughts?

The issue isn’t the QNap firmware (you mentioned this on a reply in a different thread). It’s the 2.4.0 build of Container Station. If you just install the 2.3.5 build over the top you’ll find you have full functionality again.

To get the older build go to Qnap website, go to the apps section of the download centre and search for your model, but in the version tab change this to 4.5.2 - then you’ll be able to download v2.3.5.1708.

Just install it and you’ll be good to go again. I have an open ticket with QNap regarding this but their grasp of English is incredibly poor when you’re trying to explain something like this to them.

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Yes, this fixed everything for me.
Thank you so much!

No worries - the newly release v2.4.2 version of Container Station seems to be OK (although I have had an issue where a restart of HA just failed, had to manually stop the container and restart)…