Can't install Overkiz, unauthorized authentication (Somfy Europe)

I’m completely new to HA (used to use Domoticz), but it works like a charm so far for most of my devices.

I have 4 Somfy RTS screens which I want to add to HA, but when I’m trying to install Overkiz I get an error when I enter my credentials. It constantly shows the error ‘Unauthorized authentication’, and the username and password I enter are correct (the same as use to login to HA).

I’ve read a lot of topics about similar issues, but none of them seem to provide the solution I need.

Am I doing something wrong? (Which is likely) Or is this an issue that is known?

If anyone has a solution for this problem, I would be grateful.

I use a RFXCOM RFXtrx433E with the latest firmware and HA is installed on a rpi3-64.

We haven’t seen this issue in a very long time, so not sure which topics you refer to.

Which vendor app do you use normally and are you 100% sure you use the same credentials? Do you own an Overkiz hub? (eg Somfy TaHoma Switch).

For support, best is to create an issue on GitHub with more details.