Can't install Raspbee2 with HA OS?

I was running HA supervised on a Rpi 3 with Raspbian. When my SD card died, and since my configuration was apparently unsupported, I decided to install HA OS for the restore. Now every time I try to fix something it seems I need access to the pi. I am now trying to reinstall my Raspbee2 and in the documentation it suggests using raspi-config to make a change to serial in order to access the Raspbee. I had the same problem troubleshooting my ESPhome entities. What am I missing here? I can’t even find the port the Raspbee is using without access to the pi. Or is there some way around these issues?

I think the ports in use can be found in the supervisor.

Sorry, just getting back to this. Yes, the ports are in supervisor but the serial port doesn’t work. Apparently, the pi is configured with the serial port closed or disabled by default and you need to enable it manually. I found a way to do this but it depends on raspi-config but since I am running hassOS there is no raspi-config and I haven’t been able to find another way to do it so all my raspbee2 sensors are unavailable.