Can't join Danalock to new Zwave JS

Hello everyone.
Danalock lock on z-wave network stopped working for me. Earlier, before switching to new zwave JS. Then I switched to the new zwave JS, but the lock for some reason stopped responding to pressing the button to close and open. I’ve tried removing the lock from the network. Then he added it to the network again insecurely.
The lock has been installed, 3 entities have appeared:

  1. lock.
  2. sensor.node_status
  3. binary_sensor.the_current_status_of_the_door

The lock lock.z_wave_controlled_door_lock_with_bluetooth_smart shows the Unknown status in the history.
The lock still does not respond to pressing the button to open, close.
I cannot remove it from the network again. An error appears - 46. See screenshot.

I cannot add secure. Adding starts, I paste the network code and an error appears. So I added it to the network unsafely. The lock was included, but with warning that secure including is failed.
Tell me, did anyone else have this problem? The Danalock is not compatible with the Zwave JS?

I successfully re-added it with Z-wave S2 security. You need to look at the code on the rear side of the (not physically installed) lock. You need to enter the 5 digits (from the specific lock not your network key) that is asked quickly.

I did a factory reset (10 pushes) before including.

Thank you for the answer.
I will consider this future.
I already added a lock yesterday with s0 legacy key.