Can't Keep Pi 3B+ Running

After years of few problems, I’m having problems keeping homeassistant up. I’ve replaced SD Card and even pulled out a backup PI. Ran for a few hours and then down. I haven’t changed much lately, the most recent change was adding Kuna custom component via HACS where before it was manually installed. Is anyone else have problems recently? This seems to have started around 118.4.

This happened to me once, about a month ago. RPi 3B+ just kept rebooting. Not at any specific point in the HA startup. Sometimes it got far enough along that I could SSH in, or even (briefly) open the web page. But then it would restart.

I, too, tried a different SD card, although I ended up re-imaging and re-inserting the original one and it’s been fine for a while now.

I suspect (1) a bad spot on the SD card or (2) a power supply problem on the RPi. I’m leaning toward (2). I’ve always gotten warnings about low voltage. This time I swapped out the power supply with one I know can supply 3A, and a short but heavy USB cable. Using an in-line USB meter I confirmed that the power supply never goes below 5.2V and the Pi never draws even one Amp. Yet the messages still show up occasionally.

To me, this is a design flaw in the RPi. The decision to use a standard USB connector as a power supply, even though the specs don’t support using the vast majority of USB chargers and cables out there, was a mistake. But I digress.

Thanks Tom, I don’t think it is a power supply issue as I’m using those that came with the 3B+. I did remove the Kuna integration and this morning, I couldn’t access the via regular Naba Casa shortcut. I used the Connect feature on the Nabu Casa website and it resolved the connection and has been working since. I’m looking at something to do with Nabu Casa or my network setup now.