Can't kill my Portainer cobwebs

Hi all
My installation refused to update to the latest version - 2022.10.3 recently. Reason being that my system was unhealthy due to an unsupported installion. I had installed Portainer years ago and it just sat there for a long time and I was able to get by with it hanging around until now. I followed some steps to rectify the situation and despite removing the addon AND removing the extra (Deepstack) container I had created with Portainer; my Supervisor log still reports…

 22-10-14 10:47:16 ERROR (MainThread) [supervisor.resolution.evaluations.container] Found image in unhealthy image list 'hassioaddons/portainer-amd64' on the host

How do I kill this thing?

My machine’s stats…

Version core-2022.10.2
Installation Type Home Assistant OS
Development false
Supervisor true
Docker true
User root
Virtual Environment false
Python Version 3.10.5
Operating System Family Linux
Operating System Version 5.15.72
CPU Architecture x86_64

Also, if I do a

ha ad list

portainer-amd64 does not get listed.

Maybe the container is gone, but the image isn’t? Does docker image ls list the image? If so, use docker image rm to get rid of it.

I haven’t updated yet, and I guess I’m going to be in the same situation.

Hey Michael. Thanks for your advice. I might need some linux command help please.

Indeed I got these two bad boys in my list request…


But when I try to remove the images I get the following. (Sorry - I am a real linux novice)

docker image rm hassioaddons/portainer-amd-64
Error: No such image: hassioaddons/portainer-amd-64

Just realised I have to use the Image ID. Making progress…

you can also issue the command docker image prune to clear out unused images. The reason your docker image rm command failed is you typed the name of the image wrong. you added a hyphen between “amd” and “64”

doh! Thanks kindly

So - I nuked my portainer images and containers.

At one stage I issued the following command to overcome an update issue …

ha jobs options --ignore-conditions healthy

I have since reset this (I thought) with

ha jobs reset
# then
ha supervisor restart

But for some reason when my system comes back up - I am running an Unsupported installation!

Home Assistant Supervisor reports…
Healthy = true
Supported = Unsupported


And I have this in my Supervisor logs…

22-10-14 15:45:40 CRITICAL (MainThread) [] The following job conditions are ignored and will make the system unstable when they occur: {<JobCondition.HEALTHY: 'healthy'>}

Unhealthy doesn’t work like unsupported. Supervisor doesn’t have rechecks for unhealthy, it doesn’t go away while supervisor is running. Once you’ve fixed the issue you need to restart supervisor with with ha supervisor restart. Or just reboot the host if you find that easier.

Unhealthy doesn’t persist so supervisor will start with a clean bill of health and won’t mark it unhealthy again.

Hey. Sorry for slow response. Maybe I was not clear earlier - I was able to clear Unhealthy with a Supervisor restart. My problem was that I could not clear Unsupported.

ha jobs reset

… was meant to undo me ignoring healthy conditions. But it did not. No amount of Supervisor reboots, OS restarts or cache clearing would get rid of it…

I run my installation on VirtualBox, so luckily I had a disk backup that was clear of my having set

ha jobs options --ignore-conditions healthy

So, I rolled back my installtion. Of course this meant I had to repeat the whole process of removing docker containers and images.

All is well now. Glad I finally got around to doing it. Thanks for your help.