Cant link google assistant getting 400

Hi all, I have been struggling with getting google assistant manual configuration to work. I have gone through all of the account linking in google, obtained json file and also pointed my config to it. On my phone app, when Iadd the test device, it lets me log in, says it signing in, then linking accounts… but then tosses me out to the set up device screen, and there is no devices added. I try to have google sync accounts, it says syncing my other devices but says nothing about home assistant test account. I am getting this error in my developer tools log: Request for failed: 400

Does anyone have any ideas on what I may be doing wrong?It doesnt seem to difficult, but I cant seem to get it to connect.

Did you ever figure this out, I am running into the same issue.

no, i have figured it out, I have tried everything including making new accounts at google and I can not find anyone that can help me yet.