Can't lock controller for command

Anyone Please help

Cant pair devices

WARNING:openzwave:Can’t lock controller for command : add_node

Do you have any other APPs beside HA installed that access your Zwave USB Stick?

I install software and stop z-wave-server
Not USB stick, razberry board connected gpio

That other software is likely also using the z-wave stick. You’ll need to close them before you can do anything administrative via HASS.

Resurrecting an old one here.

I’m running HA in a Virt. Environment, Ver. 91.2 on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS Server, w/ a HUSBZB-1. Z-Wave working w/ 5 nodes connected. ZigBee working w/ 18 nodes. In fact ZigBee working great since the recent 90.0 and 91.0 releases!

However, I’m receiving this error when trying to add another z-wave node. All z-wave devices are working, just cannot add.

2019-04-12 21:11:19 WARNING (SyncWorker_7) [openzwave] Can’t lock controller for command : add_node

What could be causing this / locking the controller? First thought is EZSP watchdog is causing a problem, but not sure how to safely and temporarily disable ZigBee to test this. Any thoughts on how to troubleshoot or correct?